Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the 16th SKAM Lithic Workshop, held on 21–23 of October 2019 in Nitra (Slovak Republic).

This year’s topic of the meeting is „Fossil directeur – A phenomenon over time and space”.

Definition of Fossil directeur (or type fossil) has become a key concept in the study of Palaeolithic and Mesolithic societies. It presents a characteristic lithic artefact which serves to represent the taxon of which it is a member. Significant for Fossil directeur is wide distribution in space but a restricted one in time, what is crucial in the classification of archaeological cultures.

In this way, we want to encourage the discussion on a wide range of issues of Fossil directeur. How did the position of Fossil directeur change since it was formulated? How is important for the classification of archaeological cultures in Central Europe? What are the results of new research in case of context, functionality and using of raw materials?

Thematic sessions:

1. Definition, Methods, Context…

2. Lower and Middle Palaeolithic

3. Upper and Late Palaeolithic

4. Mesolithic

5. Neolithic and Late Periods

6. „Fossil directeur” under the Microscope

7. „Fossil directeur” versus Raw Materials